Sunday, August 8, 2010

Moonstruck, part two

Friday night I painted my nails with Confetti's Moonstruck. I was initially unsure how I felt about the color, but after wearing it for nearly two days, I kind of like it. It's an interesting color: grayish one moment, brownish the next, changing depending what color is near it. I AM noticing moderate tip wear. This seems to be normal for me these days. I guess I should start wrapping the color over the tips to see if that will help.

This afternoon I started getting bored with the color and drug out my Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. This is an opalescent, flaky polish. The flakes flash mostly gold with some green showing depending on the angle of lighting. One coat over Moonstruck, then a layer of top coat. Voila, a new color!  It's settled down into a steady brownish tone, and the flakies, shining gold, give it a lovely orangey/coppery flash, almost like a foil overlay. I'll probably mattify them tomorrow to see how it looks. Experimentation is fun.

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