Monday, September 6, 2010

NoTD-Color Club Worth The Risque

Worth The Risque is a silvery gray, holographic polish. I love these holos; they dry quickly and don't seem to build up as thickly as regular polishes do. A few months ago I bought Fashion Addict, Revvvolution, and Worth The Risque, and this one is the last I've tried. I really like Fashion Addict and was a little disappointed by Revvvolution. We'll see how I feel about Risque. So far it looks nice, and I don't have any other silver holos.

My last mani was two coats of Sally Hansen Black Out, with one coat of CND Violet Shimmer on top. It was utterly gorgeous. In some lights it looked like a red purple, but in most lights it was a blue purple. Really weird how the color shifted depending on the light source. I was very pleased that I got so much wear out of it. I put it on Thursday evening, and took it off Monday evening. That's quite long for me. The only reason I took it off was that the tip wear was getting more obvious, and there were a couple small chips. Other than that, it held up very well, and was still as glossy as when I first put it on.