Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Update on that Perfecting Base or whatever it was called that I used Monday. Utter crap. I broke out from using that stuff. It was awful. Sucked as a primer, and wasn't good for anything else BUT breaking me out. I'll be dealing with the fallout from that for the next week.

I removed the nail polish today because once it started wearing at the tips, it got bad very quickly and looked trashy. The color was still gorgeous, but I had white nail tips poking out, and that's not a good look. I think I have two polishes that I haven't tried yet, so I'd better get on those before I end up buying some more new ones. I need some more remover as well. I've been holding out, waiting for Zoya to have a sale, but I'm getting very low, and am not sure how much longer I can eke out the remainder. I may have to *sob* buy a drugstore remover! Oh, the inhumanity!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm still wearing First Class Ticket. Applied it Friday, and am just now seeing some tipwear. It's worse on my right hand, of course. Sadly, now that it's wearing, there are also a couple of small chips, and the wear is worse than it was this morning. This one might benefit greatly from color wrapping. I really really like this color, and am not quite bored with it yet. So gorgeous. A deep, inky blurple. (blue + purple)

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base-utter crap. It's advertised as the #1 primer, but the fine print says that's from drugstore and grocery sales, excluding WalMart. There really aren't that many primers in those venues, so it's pretty easy to be the top dog. Anyway, I have a sample from a magazine and thought I'd give it a try today. It's heavy on the silicone finish, does not do a thing to my pores, and my mineral foundation is simply sitting on my skin, and is easily scraped off. At first it felt weird, then I got used to it. However, I'm distinctly unimpressed with the feel, the application, and the results. I most definitely will not be buying this product. I'll stick with my BE primer, which works quite well.

Friday, August 27, 2010

NoTD-China Glaze First Class Ticket

One coat of ChG ridge filling base coat. Every time I use it, I dislike it more. It takes a long time to dry, and stays tacky.

Two coats of First Class Ticket. I think three coats would have been perfection, but two is pretty good. The first coat looked like thick grape concentrate. The second coat covered well and brought it to near opacity. In ordinary light it looks nearly perfect. It's only when you shine a very strong light on the polish does it look less than perfect. The color, at two coats, is gorgeous. Deep reddish purple base, with a blue purple overtone, and multi colored shimmer with some blue in it.  It seems to change depending on the lighting. At one point, reddish purple, then bluish, then just an amazing purple, and the blue shimmer comes and goes. It's a lovely color.
One coat of Essie To Dry For. It seems to be an excellent top coat. So happy I bought it.

I bought the new Maybelline Eye Studio gel eyeliner the other day when I was shopping at Target. I almost put it back, telling myself I already had a gray gel liner, and that I certainly didn't need another. At the last moment, I figured what the heck and tossed it into the basket. I've used it twice, and so far I like it. The gray is just the shade I've been wanting, the texture is nice, application is easy, and I actually like the little brush that comes with it. The bristles are just the right length and stiffness to make application smooth and easy. It doesn't smudge, and lasts for at least 7 hours, so far.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I went to the mall the other day and ran across a display of the OPI Swiss collection. After a bit of hemming and hawing, I walked away with Ski Teal We Drop and Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous. BOGO half off. (buy one get one) From the first moment I saw Ski, I wondered just how close to MAC Blue India it was. I've just done a comp, but the lighting's not right, so no pics. I did every other finger with one or the other color, and did both on my thumb nail. Ha. Ski IS very much like Blue India, but it's deeper, more vibrant, and has more green, making it a truer teal. Blue India is a grayed slate blue. Wearing them side by side, you'd never mistake them for each other, but if you were to wear one or the other, I doubt a "civilian" would be able to tell them apart. I'm undecided if I'll return Ski. I like the color, but I certainly don't need it. Then again, I don't have anything else exactly like it. Ah, I'm waffling again. I could justify it by saying if I return it, then I can afford a bottle of Remove +, and that's far more important than this color. I guess. :D

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Moonstruck, part two

Friday night I painted my nails with Confetti's Moonstruck. I was initially unsure how I felt about the color, but after wearing it for nearly two days, I kind of like it. It's an interesting color: grayish one moment, brownish the next, changing depending what color is near it. I AM noticing moderate tip wear. This seems to be normal for me these days. I guess I should start wrapping the color over the tips to see if that will help.

This afternoon I started getting bored with the color and drug out my Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. This is an opalescent, flaky polish. The flakes flash mostly gold with some green showing depending on the angle of lighting. One coat over Moonstruck, then a layer of top coat. Voila, a new color!  It's settled down into a steady brownish tone, and the flakies, shining gold, give it a lovely orangey/coppery flash, almost like a foil overlay. I'll probably mattify them tomorrow to see how it looks. Experimentation is fun.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nail of the day: Moonstruck, by Confetti

Confetti is a newish polish brand I read about on a nail blog, and found in CVS. Was it $2 or $3? I can't remember. Fairly inexpensive. Moonstruck is a gray, brown, mousey taupe shade with a bit of a purple tinge in some lights. Creme, no shimmer at all. I applied one coat of ChG ridge filler base coat, two coats of Moonstruck, and one coat of Poshe. The first coat of color was streaky, and there were some bald spots where the brush had pulled most of the color off the nail. I applied the second coat a little thicker to make up for it, and it was really nice. The polish leveled out nicely, and everything seems covered. I'll know more tomorrow, in the sun, of course. I'm not sure how I feel about the color, but tonight I like it well enough.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Nail of the day: Zoya Gilda.

I've had this on for about a day and a half. Really pretty color, glittery, foily, flashy texture, but smooth. It was kinda sheer, so I did three coats instead of my usual two. I like the color, although Hayden seems to still be the "omg, I love this color" polish. I did the usual Zoya base coat, 3 coats of Gilda, and a coat of Poshe. The bad thing about this is that I have tip wear very badly. I don't know why. It might be the color, or it might be the Poshe. It's not shrinkage, either. I can feel the top coat and polish has worn off. Maybe the Sparkle collection doesn't have the durability the other colors do.

Untrieds: one Confetti polish, one Color Club (worth the risque), three China Glaze-Emerald Fitzgerald, First Class Ticket, Bogie.

I used Color Club Revvvolution earlier this week, and have to admit to being disappointed with it. I'd read such glowing reviews on nail blogs, but I felt the holo shimmer just wasn't as amazing as I expected. In fact, the previous CC holo I tried, Fashion Addict, was far better as far as holo shimmer. They're from different collections, so maybe that's a reason. Worth The Risque is from the same set as Revvvolution, so I think that'll be a good comp.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nail of The Day-NoTD

Nails of the day! Color Club Revvvolution. Charcoal holo goodness. I'm not sure how many "r"s it has, so I threw in three for good measure.

Last time I wore a CC holo, it was Fashion Addict, which is a great color. The polish dried quickly and wore quite well. That time I think I used the ridge filler base coat from Zoya, which I love. I don't remember the top coat, but it might have been Seche Vite. This time I used the ridge filling base coat from China Glaze, and that thing took forever to dry. I got tired of waiting, and applied the color while the base was still tacky. It seemed to take longer for the polish to dry using this base. I also decided to use a Sally Hansen top coat I had lying around. I'm not happy with it. It's not as shiny as the others I've used, and I think my polish is still dentable, even though it's been at least 3 hours since I did my nails. I might have to redo them as early as tomorrow. I'll have to see how they are in the  morning. So far I'm not pleased with the base or top coats I've been using.
I've been wearing Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty for the last two days. It's hard to see tip wear with light colors, but I can feel the wear when I run my fingers over the edges. It's more pronounced on my right hand, which makes sense. I got a couple compliments at the dentist's office yesterday, and I'm kinda digging the color. It's very eyecatching. Started to get a little bored with it, so I put a coat of FingerPaints My Private Collection over it to jazz it up. MPC is a clear base with multi-colored shimmer particles in it. I can see pink and blue and green, and a red-violet iridescence over the whole thing. It's kinda neat, but probably better suited to a dark color. It doesn't look that great with the yellow. I may do a different color tomorrow night. I realized I still have a couple Color Club holos that I haven't worn in addition to the Confetti, the Zoya, and three China Glaze polishes. I'd better get my butt in gear.