Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NoTE-Zoya Reva and OPI Silver Shatter-Updated!

Friday night I felt like doing something a bit different, so I drug out the Silver Shatter and picked a bright, cheerful color to pair it with. That happened to be Zoya's Reva, from one of the summer collections they released this year. To be honest, I cannot keep the collection names straight. Reva is a reddish berry tone with a lot of gold shimmer. Very pretty.

Here's what I used:
One coat of Zoya Get Even
Two coats of Zoya Reva
One coat of OPI Silver Shatter
One coat of Poshe.

I made sure to wrap the tips with Reva, but, as usual, forgot to wrap the tips with the top coat. Still, I had excellent wear with this combo for THREE days! I removed it this afternoon, mainly because I was bored with it, but partially because after my shower, I noticed a smallish chip in one nail, and seized on that excuse to change it. Even after three whole and one partial day, there was only minor tip wear, and mild top coat fading. I was truly surprised. One thing I did want to mention: because Reva has so much gold shimmer in it, I think it would look much better with a gold shatter/crackle over it instead of silver.

Normally I don't take and/or post photos, but I did take pics the day after application, specifically to show you, my faithful readers. Yes, all three of you. lol Unfortunately, I've had no time in the last few days to actually edit them, and when I sat down today to do so, decided that Gimp was completely worthless to me, and have since kicked it the heck off my computer. So...I DO have pics, and will upload them when I can find a program that actually works.

Finally! It's been crazy here the last two days, what with a mouse in the apartment, and laundry & grocery day yesterday. I literally just got done editing the photos and uploading them. This kind of delay is why I didn't want to do pics at all. I feel bad that I might have kept anyone waiting for my pics, which aren't the best, admittedly. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

NoTE-Zoya Dove

We were feeling lazy this evening, so we didn't take the girls out for their nightly walk, and lounged around. I took the opportunity to cut my nails down and polish them with Dove, which is a light gray creme that leans blue on me.

The Dorothy Who and Midnight Mission combo suffered several large chips today. It was unfixable.

One coat Orly Nail Defense
Three coats Zoya Dove
One Coat Poshe fast drying top coat.

I could have stopped at two coats, but one nail had a bald spot, so I figured I'd just give them all one more coat. It looks nice, but I think Dove isn't a favorite. Something about my skin tone brings out the blue, and I don't like that. Dove's formula is good. It levels nicely, and I had no funky problems with it. The fact I don't have much to say about it speaks to how good it is.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

NoTE-Dorothy Who?

Last night...late last night, I got the crazy urge to polish my nails. So I did.

1 coat Zoya Get Even Ridge Filling basecoat
1 coat China Glaze Midnight Mission (my fave blue)
2 coats China Glaze Dorothy Who? (blue glitter)
1 coat Poshe fast drying top coat

I've used Dorothy Who? before, and it was sheer enough, despite the glitter, to require three coats. I've had good results from layering a coordinating color under glitters before, so decided to do that here. Perhaps I should have chosen a different color base, since Midnight Mission is darker than Dorothy, but it's not bad. Not what I was expecting, but not bad.

Dorothy by itself will produce a somewhat bright, eye catching blue glitter look. Layering it over MM produces a darker, subdued look. The glitter looks flat, somehow. The texture IS flat, which is not how it is on its own. On its own, it's the typical bumpy glitter feel, which requires one or two coats of Gelous or very thick top coat to cover.  Blue glitter-awesome. :D

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

108 Degrees update

While the polish is holding up very well, I'm going to remove it tonight. It's not the polish, it's me. I was fiddling with a metal pail and chipped two nails, one of them quite badly. I might be able to fix it and squeeze another day out of it, but one nail is very bad off, and the color will have to be removed tomorrow anyway.

Wrapping the tips in at least one coat of color and one coat of top coat works quite well, and really extends the life of a mani. If you don't mindlessly ruin it by fiddling with things and trying to use your nails as a pry bar.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

NoTE-China Glaze 108 Degrees-again

One coat of Zoya Get Even Ridge Filling Basecoat.
Three coats of China Glaze 108 Degrees.
One coat of Poshe quick drying topcoat.

This was tonight's mani while watching Zombieland for the third time. Love that movie, and the rules are good ones to use even when there aren't zombies roaming the earth.

The Zoya base coat is my favorite. I never have problems with application, and am on my second bottle. My first bottle was perfect, but this one has a tendency to get little lumps in it, which I have to brush off with the brush. Not a big deal, considering how well it works for me.

Three coats of color, because 108 Degrees is fairly sheer, like I said in the last post. :) It's also VERY bright, so if that's not your thing, put it down and back away slowly.

This polish is packed with shimmer/glitter particles, and looks amazing in the sun. It's not too shabby in indoor lighting, either. Hot pink with fuchsia/hot pink shimmer, that reflects a little bluish in bright light, and looks more golden in low light. The formula is great, and gives no problems at all in application. It flows smoothly onto the nail and levels nicely. The brush is wonderful to work with; it fans out perfectly on the nail and doesn't do anything strange. I can't say anything bad about this one at all. :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

NoTD-China Glaze 108 Degrees

I know, it's middle of the day. At least, it is here on the west coast. I had some time today, while the man was out gallivanting across the countryside, to watch some TV and do my nails.  Let me just say this color is bright and amazing, and glitters like a fiend in the sun.

Started off with one coat of Orly Bonder.
Three coats of 108 Degrees. It's rather sheer, so three or even four coats will give you amazing depth of color and good coverage. However, it looks very pretty, though sheer, at two, so it's up to you.
One coat of Sephora by OPI top coat, followed by Qtica drying drops.

Now, I have to call out the top coat on this one because it was absolutely awful. Very thin and watery, and the brush did not spread on my nail at all. Difficult to work with. Also, the combo of this top coat and drying drops is a recipe for nail dings, scratches, bubble, and an overall janked up mani. I have never had my polish scratch and get dinged up when using a quick dry top coat, or even Zoya Armor with Qtica drying drops. This OPI top coat is going into the "don't ever use this stuff again" section of my polish storage. I have a feeling I'm going to be removing this color tomorrow and trying something else, it's that bad.

Love the polish, hate the top coat.

Edit: I've removed the polish. 4 hours after doing my nails, the polish was still dentable, and a chunk of it had come off my right thumb nail. It was a bad situation all around.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Delphinium Part Two

I've been waving Delphinium around on my nails for four days. Four! That's an astounding length of time for me. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten at least another day of wear if I hadn't started picking at it today. Unfortunately I picked at a corner at the tip, and a large chunk peeled away, so I had to remove all of it.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the wear time, and tip wear was minimal. There were a couple tiny chips, but nothing I couldn't either ignore or fill in and continue on. My normal wear time is 2-3 days before it either gets all janky or I get bored and need to change it.  I'm impressed.

Now that warm weather is here for at least a few days, it's time to bring out some brights.

I need to take the time to write up a reasoning behind this blog, my stance for the moment on pics, and a purchase disclosure. That'll be a blog post, and most will be copied to the "About Me" section. Soon.

Friday, June 3, 2011

NoTE-Sally Hansen Delphinium

Delphinium, light, lavender with a gray undertone. It's a bit dusty, and leans a bit reddish on the purple spectrum, but not too much. It would be a great spring time color. Oh, wait, it's still spring! Score!

Formula was good, spread on the nail well, and leveled wonderfully, though it wasn't very pigmented. I used three coats to get full coverage. I'm not a fan of the brush, but it's manageable. It's a little thick and bushy, and if you don't use a light touch, you can wipe the polish right off your nail.

In trying to open the Poshe bottle, I smudged a pinky nail. I remembered reading something on a nail blog fairly recently about fixing polish smudges with top coat, so I quickly applied the Poshe, and it smoothed out right away. Phew! Disaster averted.

I was up in Sacramento the other day, and went shopping. I only get up there once or twice a year, so I took blatant advantage and hit up Ulta, Sephora, and the BE boutique. I scored ChG 108 Degrees at Ulta. $6.99 though! Highway robbery. AND I forgot my 20% discount coupon. Bah. Still, it's such a gorgeous color that I'm trying not to hold its price against it. 108 Degrees is next on the list, unless we still have gloomy, chilly, damp weather, in which case I might get all gloomy with my color choice.