Monday, July 26, 2010

I received these China Glaze polishes the other day; Emerald Fitzgerald, Midnight Mission, First Class Ticket, Bogie, and a ChG ridge filling base coat and Poshe quick dry top coat.

I had some time tonight, so instead of using the next to last untried Zoya, I decided to go with Midnight Mission, and use the two base and top coats. First impression of ChG's ridge filling base coat: it goes on as a nude shade, unlike the Zoya, which goes on sort of milky. ChG takes about three times as long to dry, and seems to cover as well as Zoya. Two coats of Midnight Mission, then a coat of Poshe, which did a great job of drying the polish quickly. It seems to be a little thinner and smell less than Seche Vite.

Right after applying the second coat, I severely smudged a finger, and had to enlist the man's help to remove the polish from that finger. Poor guy had no idea what to do, so it took quite a while. One of these days I'll have to show him how to do it quickly, just in case I need him again.

I was polishing in the bathroom because there's better light in there, but the awkwardness of the counter height made it very difficult. I ended up with polish all over my fingers. I won't be working in there again.

So...thoughts on Midnight Mission: It's gorgeous. It's been described as a navy blue with silver shimmer, and that seems a very accurate description. It's definitely a fall/winter color, but I couldn't wait. I'm also anxious to see it in sunlight, as that will bring out the color and shimmer so much better than lamplight. I swear I see a bit of tip wear already, but I'm not sure. It could be a faulty application, or freshly filed nail edges. I'll keep this on for a couple days to test things, then probably get bored and try a different color, like always.