Thursday, April 7, 2011

Zoya and Nubar

Zoya Reva: I wore this for about two days, with minor tipwear, mostly on my right hand. My right thumb took the brunt, as usual. Application was good. Zoyas have a rather thin formula, and this was no different. The color was a rich berry red, with lots of gold shimmer. In indoor light, the gold shimmer takes over and brings this polish close to real red. In outdoor lighting, the berry color is more prominent, and each shimmer particle reflects light, which dazzles the eye. It's amazing in sunlight, and has a lot of depth and complexity. The shimmer particles are actually gold, which you can see when you remove it. Many polishes seem like they have different color shimmers, but most are silver, which reflects the base color in interesting ways.  This one's not super unique, but it's a nice complement to the rest of the collection. I have Apple and Tanzy left.

Nubar Honeysuckle: Way brighter in person than in pictures. Almost a neon, really, it's that bright. This is my first Nubar, but I don't think it will be my last. The formula is thicker than Zoya or China Glaze, but not too thick. It flowed well on the nail, leveled well, and behaved perfectly. It wasn't perfectly opaque in two coats, but it was close. I didn't see a need for three. Drying time was average, and it handles fast dry top coats very well, with virtually no shrinkage, which is a problem with Zoya and those fast dry top coats.  After 24 hours, there was the most minor of tip wear, almost exclusively on my right thumb. Normally at that time, I would see visible, yet minor tip wear on my whole right hand. Today, coming up to the third day, I started to see some minor tip wear on my right hand, but nothing that prompted me to remove the polish. In fact, I was going to leave it on until tomorrow, but had to remove it today due to a very large piece of the polish on my right thumb simply flaking off, taking a bit of the surface of the nail with it, when I opened an envelope. Weird. I'm blaming the Orly Bonder for the missing nail surface.

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