Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Polish News

I took the unwanted Tronica colors back to Sally Beauty and got store credit. I was offered a choice of store credit or, through four transactions, to have the money refunded to my debit card. The girl was really nice, so I didn't want to put her out and chose the credit.

I just started pulling at some loose threads on my mouse pad and that has ended up in a bad situation. *sigh* I had better clip that off before Molly decides to chew on it.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll use up the credit at some point. At least the polishes are out of here. I was very sad to do it, since I'd wanted them so badly, but the two pinks just weren't working out, and the teal and violet chipped if you even looked at them wrong.

I buffed my nails this evening in an attempt to get rid of some of the staining that's occurring from wearing polish so much. At least, I think that's why. It could be the strong colors I favor. I'm trying one of the four Zoya polishes I got a few days ago. It's the coraly one. I forget their names except for Apple, which is green apple colored, and Tanzy, which is the orange one. I digress. I did three coats of the coral polish, and quite like it.  You could almost say it's a duochrome, but  not in the strict sense of the word. More like, if I tilt my nails one way, you can see the pinky coral color, and tilt them another way, and the gold shimmer takes precedence and it's more flashy and orangey, with a pink undertone. It's quite odd, but captivating. Even the man expressed some interest, though I'm sure he was merely being polite.

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