Saturday, April 9, 2011

NoTD-Petites Color Fever-Periwinkle

Thicker formula than Zoya; on a par with Nubar. *snicker* It's not too thick, but just right. Two coats for full opacity. Great self leveling. Periwinkle is a dusty blue with a slight grey tinge.  It reminds me of Zoya Kelly, but lighter, bluer, and softer. It's a nice color, and one I'll wear again, but  I have a few others I like much more.

I filed my nails down a lot this evening, using a fine grit emery board, so the tips are quite a bit thicker than they usually are, and I didn't wrap the tips, so I already see some of the nail tips. I'm not going to worry about it, since I fully expect to be sick as a dog when I get up some time on Saturday. Then again, I was sure that was going to happen today, so we'll see what happens.

I did want to mention one more thing: when I wore Zoya Reva, I wrapped the tips, and that really helped a lot with the longevity of the polish. It's a little difficult for me, because I tend to keep my nails fairly short, and there's not much room between the tip of the nail and the tip of my finger for a brush. I hate getting polish all over my skin, and clean up is a pain. Still, if I can get another day or two out of a mani, it might be worth it.

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