Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Zoya Tanzy with Black Shatter over it.

The overall effect is of a bronzey brown, when seen from a distance. I changed up my technique this time; using diagonal strokes on some nails, and an attempted swirl on one nail, which was a failure. The brush is too wide to get any sort of swirl going on my nails, which are rather petite. A nice way of saying I have skinny fingers. I like the diagonal; it's interesting.

I could probably get another couple days of wear out of this combo, but I'll be removing it tomorrow. Tanzy just isn't for me, and will be going into my "get rid of" pile.

Stopped by my fave local salon because they claimed they had the new OPI Silver Shatter, via Facebook. They didn't. They lied. I'm sad. They did have the entire Pirates collection, just not the shatter. "It's backordered." Bah!!

What color to wear next? Done Out In Deco or Ahoy!?

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