Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NoTE-Zoya Reva and OPI Silver Shatter-Updated!

Friday night I felt like doing something a bit different, so I drug out the Silver Shatter and picked a bright, cheerful color to pair it with. That happened to be Zoya's Reva, from one of the summer collections they released this year. To be honest, I cannot keep the collection names straight. Reva is a reddish berry tone with a lot of gold shimmer. Very pretty.

Here's what I used:
One coat of Zoya Get Even
Two coats of Zoya Reva
One coat of OPI Silver Shatter
One coat of Poshe.

I made sure to wrap the tips with Reva, but, as usual, forgot to wrap the tips with the top coat. Still, I had excellent wear with this combo for THREE days! I removed it this afternoon, mainly because I was bored with it, but partially because after my shower, I noticed a smallish chip in one nail, and seized on that excuse to change it. Even after three whole and one partial day, there was only minor tip wear, and mild top coat fading. I was truly surprised. One thing I did want to mention: because Reva has so much gold shimmer in it, I think it would look much better with a gold shatter/crackle over it instead of silver.

Normally I don't take and/or post photos, but I did take pics the day after application, specifically to show you, my faithful readers. Yes, all three of you. lol Unfortunately, I've had no time in the last few days to actually edit them, and when I sat down today to do so, decided that Gimp was completely worthless to me, and have since kicked it the heck off my computer. So...I DO have pics, and will upload them when I can find a program that actually works.

Finally! It's been crazy here the last two days, what with a mouse in the apartment, and laundry & grocery day yesterday. I literally just got done editing the photos and uploading them. This kind of delay is why I didn't want to do pics at all. I feel bad that I might have kept anyone waiting for my pics, which aren't the best, admittedly. :)


  1. I like it! Does the silver crackle like that by itself, or do you have to run something through it?

  2. 'laina, lookit you! My first comment! lol

    The Shatter does that on its own, but only over another polish. It'll fully crack apart as it dries, within a couple minutes. I've tried it over a bare nail, and it does nothing.

  3. Wow! You actually made me fall in love with the shatter all over again.

  4. Dara, I'm happy to enable. :D

  5. :D

    Interesting, I wonder what makes it work like that (not crackling on a bare nail)? I've never seen a crackle polish in stores before, is that a beauty supply shop find?

    I have a question for ya.. polishes seem to make my nails weak and tear within hours of applying them, which makes for growing them out impossible. It happens with cheap brands & OPI. It doesn't do it to my toe nails. Do you know of any brand that might have a better result?

  6. I have no idea how it works. Chemicals, nail polish magic, I dunno. :D

    Yeah, you'll have to seek out the crackle/shatter/fracture, whatever the brand is calling them. I do know Sally Hansen has a line out that you can find in most drug stores, and probably your "better" Walmart. The one near my house has a really bad beauty section: they almost never get anything new in that's nail related.

    China Glaze can be found in Sally Beauty and nail polish retailers online. OPI can be found in lots of different places, as well as a few online retailers. I think you can find some places by looking at the OPI site.

    As for your nails, you should wear a basecoat when you polish them, as it helps with polish adhesion and might give you a bit of protection from staining with dark and/or bright colors. I've seen a few people recommend Orly Nailtrition. I haven't tried it, but I have used Orly Nail Defense. Haven't used it consistently enough to see any results at all though. Walmart carries the Essie brand, which is quite good, and they have some products for problem nails. You could try some of those. :)