Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Delphinium Part Two

I've been waving Delphinium around on my nails for four days. Four! That's an astounding length of time for me. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten at least another day of wear if I hadn't started picking at it today. Unfortunately I picked at a corner at the tip, and a large chunk peeled away, so I had to remove all of it.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the wear time, and tip wear was minimal. There were a couple tiny chips, but nothing I couldn't either ignore or fill in and continue on. My normal wear time is 2-3 days before it either gets all janky or I get bored and need to change it.  I'm impressed.

Now that warm weather is here for at least a few days, it's time to bring out some brights.

I need to take the time to write up a reasoning behind this blog, my stance for the moment on pics, and a purchase disclosure. That'll be a blog post, and most will be copied to the "About Me" section. Soon.

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