Friday, June 3, 2011

NoTE-Sally Hansen Delphinium

Delphinium, light, lavender with a gray undertone. It's a bit dusty, and leans a bit reddish on the purple spectrum, but not too much. It would be a great spring time color. Oh, wait, it's still spring! Score!

Formula was good, spread on the nail well, and leveled wonderfully, though it wasn't very pigmented. I used three coats to get full coverage. I'm not a fan of the brush, but it's manageable. It's a little thick and bushy, and if you don't use a light touch, you can wipe the polish right off your nail.

In trying to open the Poshe bottle, I smudged a pinky nail. I remembered reading something on a nail blog fairly recently about fixing polish smudges with top coat, so I quickly applied the Poshe, and it smoothed out right away. Phew! Disaster averted.

I was up in Sacramento the other day, and went shopping. I only get up there once or twice a year, so I took blatant advantage and hit up Ulta, Sephora, and the BE boutique. I scored ChG 108 Degrees at Ulta. $6.99 though! Highway robbery. AND I forgot my 20% discount coupon. Bah. Still, it's such a gorgeous color that I'm trying not to hold its price against it. 108 Degrees is next on the list, unless we still have gloomy, chilly, damp weather, in which case I might get all gloomy with my color choice.

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