Monday, May 16, 2011

NoTE-Yodel Me On My Cell

Before I get into YMOMC, I feel compelled to say  how much I enjoyed Winter Wishes. I didn't want to remove it yesterday, but there were so many layers of Gelous and top coat that it was peeling away from some of my nails. I will definitely thin it some more and try again. The color is too amazing not to try.

I bought Yodel Me On My Cell a few days ago at CVS. It's what I call a gray market polish, because the serial number has been filed off. I have no doubt it's authentic, but no way to prove it. In any case, it doesn't matter to me. That store had a few other shades from the Swiss collection, and I was torn between this one and Ski Teal We Drop. I put Ski back because it's so much like Blue India, but darker. Ski has been weighing on my mind ever since, and I bought a bottle at the mall today. Figured what the heck. :D

Anyway! Yodel was today's color. The first coat was a little thin and patchy, but the second coat covered well. To be safe and really build the color, I did three coats in total, and it was well worth it. Excellent opacity, and a pretty short dry time. Finished up with one coat of Seche Vite. Gloriousness. Even the man liked it. He hated Winter Wishes for some reason. I think it was the glitter in it.

I'm not a fan of OPI's brushes. They're generally too wide, and for some reason, I have difficulty reaching the far side of my right hand nails. I have to reload the brush and paint over the skin to make sure the nail is covered. A small pain, but a pain nonetheless. Also, with this polish being so thin on the first coat, you have to use a very light hand or get major bald spots, especially near the cuticles. I don't think it would be as much as an issue with a thicker polish, such as Done Out In Deco. I don't have the bald spot problem with that one, but I do have the same problem with reaching the nails properly. No problem with Zoya or China Glaze brushes.

I like this color very much. Ski Teal We Drop is up next. Can't wait!

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