Sunday, July 31, 2011

Polish disappointments

Several days ago Scrangie had pics of the FingerPaints Fall collection on her blog. One of them, Military Green, caught my eye. I had wanted to get in on the faded khaki green trend I've been seeing this year, but so far none of them seemed like they'd go well with my skin tone. This one, however, looked right up my alley. I went to Sally Beauty to see if they had it yet. They did. In fact, they had the entire collection, which is unusual. Usually they've sold several before I get around to looking. I was so very disappointed. In the entire set. Scrangie's pics were gorgeous, and showcased some lovely, saturated colors. What I saw in the store were faded, warm toned, muted fall colors. Pale imitations of the 'net pics. Everything except the gray was a warm toned, yellow based color. Military Green was very far away from something I could wear.

I left with nothing. They didn't even have Orly Sapphire Silk. I'm so, so disappointed. So far every fall collection I've seen except the Zoya one leaves me cold, uninterested, or disappointed. At least I have a lot of lovely colors from last fall's collections, which will be getting much more attention when the weather cools down.

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  1. I have to say, looking over my spreadsheet I've made of my collection, I buy the least amount of polish in the fall. I have passed on the last 3 years of FP fall!!