Thursday, December 2, 2010

NoTD for Wednesday

I've had this color on for a bit more than 24 hours. I've been a bit brutal with my nails, so I've already chipped one, and have some tip wear on some others. Oh, the color! Yes, you'd want to know, wouldn't you? Zoya Kelly, new for the fall. It's a beautiful, deep, grayed blue with a tendency to look a little purplish in some lights. Creme, no shimmer, and only two coats. I really like this one. It's a bit edgy, and good for the fall season.

I still have Edyta to wear. I'm not sure I like that one, but it might be one that grows on me. It's a weird color. The base is this bright aqua/teal/blue color, but so loaded with gold shimmer, that it turns this golden green. Very strange.

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